Education & Career

Peter H. van der Kamp


Education and Career


1985-1991 Atheneum Han Fortmann College Heerhugowaard

1991-1998 Physics (Doctoraal) Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

1992-1996 Philosophy Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

1998-2002 Mathematics (PhD) Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

2003-2004 Research Associate University of Kent Canterbury

2004-2005 Lecturer A University of Kent Canterbury

2006-2007 Research Officer A La Trobe University Melbourne

2008-2010 Research Fellow B La Trobe University Melbourne

2011-2013 Lecturer B La Trobe University Melbourne


During my studies I specialized in theoretical physics. I wrote my master thesis at the NIKHEF Institute (Amsterdam) under the supervision of Prof. Bert Schellekens. The thesis dealt with quantum states of black holes in string theory. After my studies I started working on a PhD research project in mathematics at the vrije Universiteit. My supervisor was Dr. Jan Sanders. By making use of number theory I was able to make important contributions to the classification of integrable evolution equations. On January 9, 2003 I successfully defended my thesis Integrable Evolution Equations: a Diophantine Approach. In September 2003 I started to work as a research associate at the University of Kent at Canterbury with Prof. Elizabeth Mansfield. I was appointed Lecturer A in April 2004. The research involved the lifting of integrability from the evolution of curvature invariants to the motion of the curve, using the geometric theory of moving frames. In January 2006 I joined the group of Prof. Reinout Quispel at La Trobe university. We study integrable properties and reductions of integrable lattice equations, such as integrals, symplectic structures and growth of degrees.



I was awarded the 2003 Stieltjes Prize for the best PhD thesis written in the Stieltjes Institute.